Atari Punk World

Click below to enter ATARI PUNK WORLD, a 3D virtual space in Mozilla Hubs


Once loaded, click Join Room. This is ‘Garden of Bloop’, a VR sound installation using sounds made by our young participants during the SPILL R&D residency. The aesthetic and concept is inspired by the video of the girls engrossed playing their self-built instruments on the lawn outside during a break. Each bespoke-made flower in the room contains sounds, from bloinks to drones, as well as some bubbles and shooting stars showcasing our sound experiments made using hydrophones and binaural microphones – seek out the noise of the group eating popping candy and pouring fizzy pop into a fishbowl full of hydrophones! Let your ears guide you around the space and have fun 💜 Q and E turn your body around. Arrow keys to move. Sometimes you’ll get stuck but dw, just jump!

Atari Punk World hubspace is co-created by Loula Yorke, Emily Godden (Virtually There Studios) and Dave Stitch, using material composed by Atari Punk Girls Ipswich 2021.

A huge thank you to our partners Arts Council England, SPILL Festival of Performance, Thonk, Ipswich Borough Council and Teenage Engineering, without whose support this fantastic project would not have been possible.

Roll on the Autumn 2021 when a new group of girls will be joining our original R&D group for another run of workshops – building synths, making beats, writing and performing text scores, messing about with lasers, documenting and probing the soundworlds around us – all culminating in a live perfomance ‘THE CHURCH OF TECHNO’ at St Clements Church, Ipswich on 30 October as part of SPILL 2021!