Speak with any musician who uses modular synthesis as part of their creative process and an observation about how easily they can lose themselves in a single patch for an hour or two won’t be far behind.

I am interested in discovering how modular can complement or aid meditation, particularly when paired with movement. MMMM is an exploratory collaboration with Matspace barefoot yoga studio around this theme.

Sitting on the floor with my instruments around me, I start to play very long, sweeping notes; single tones modulated only by an LFO and a SEM filter that gradually build over time to become faster-paced, more complex note sequences. By limiting the sound palette to only a wave and a subwave, I make full use of the principles of harmonics and drone and take inspiration from the distinctive timbres of traditional Indian instruments such as the harmonium and the tanpura. At the same time, yoga practitioners lose their mats and expand into their physicality, using the space in whatever way feels appropriate to each of them at the time.

The end point of the project might be a workshop, a live art performance, an installation or a product. There may never be an end point.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 23.36.39.png