Trashed and Alarmed

Trashed and Alarmed is a sound piece that takes as its inspiration, and uses as its source material, sporadic notes and diaries I kept while squatting buildings and living in vehicles in London and Barcelona between 2001-2006. Love, insecurity and resilience are considered against a backdrop of politics, community and crisis.

A recording and a live performance are in development.

In June 2018 I performed two versions of an early draft entitled The Surveillance Diaries, first at The Smokehouse in Ipswich, then at Toynbee Studios for Steakhouse Live.  Drawing on my source material, I created a live soundscape [using the Innalog modular synth, a reel-to-reel tape machine and microphone] that examined the effects of surveillance and infiltration by agents of the state on the direct action protest movement.

Photos: Greg Goodale

302_Steakhouse Live 13 by Greg Goodale
328_Steakhouse Live 13 by Greg Goodale