Loula Yorke is an award-winning composer and live synthesist who uses electronics and participation to create noisy artworks.

Described by Electronic Sound magazine as a ‘DIY noisenik champion’, the 2020 Oram Award Winner‘s electronic music practice dances in the spaces where the personal meets the political. Seeking to conjure moments of revolt as well as reveal hidden systems of control, her participatory work with young people encourages freedom and self-discovery through an enabling punk ethic.

When performing her trademark improvised hardware-only live sets, Yorke brings her experimental take on vocal sampling, blending it with vintage drum sounds and improvised Minimalist synthesiser music: building up from abstract soundscapes into powerful beat workouts backed by kaleidoscopes of interlocking and repeating patterns.

Yorke has played live in support of The Orb and Talvin Singh, had radio play on BBC Radio 3 and BBCR1 & 1XTRA, and had coverage in DJ Mag, The Wire and Bandcamp Daily.

Yorke runs participatory synth-building and performance workshops Atari Punk Girls. She has been commissioned by SPILL 2021: Festival of Performance to develop the concept into a staged show.

During 2020, Yorke co-founded SonitusLIVE, providing an online performance space for over 40 artists, and a mini-resource to help sound artists to stream their work to live audiences.

Her work has been funded by Arts Council England and PRS Foundation.

contact: loulayorke@gmail.com.