iHack / Ipswich / 8 May to 12 June

Hello! Sonitus – myself and Dave Stitch – are running some workshops inspired by Nicholas Collins’ Handmade Electronic Music at South Street Studios, Ipswich on Wednesdays from 8 May to 12 May 2019. There are two 2.5hr sessions per day, 10am or 1.30pm, and workshops are open to any adult with an additional need. We’ll be twitching loudspeakers, listening to the world through mics, making our own arduino FM synths, and circuit bending some toys! There are still spaces available so get in touch 🙂

Atari Punk Girls LIVE

Behold the Noiselings! Atari Punk Girls first LIVE performance on Saturday 23 March 2019 in Norwich. These girls were incredible: building all their DIY synths from scratch and putting together a performance in almost no time at all and without ever having played with these kind of machines before! Absolute hardcore punx the lot of them, so PROUD! 💖♥️👏🌈 Big thanks to Plink Plonk and Norfolk County Council for helping BRING THE NOIZE.

APG group photo 23 MarchP1090610

INTERACT at The Sainsbury Centre

Currently beavering away putting together some work that combines drone with debris in a new collaboration with sculptor Ed Murray. I’m creating three separate but interlinked sound pieces that will emanate from inside the bodies of a collection of sculptures, Anthropocene Chimera.

We’ll be displaying them as part of INTERACT at the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich on 19th March 2019.

EDIT: Concrete Magazine reviewed the exhibition here

Some photos from the inaugural ‘The Smokehouse Presents’

The Smokehouse in Ipswich is part of the South Street Studios complex – a really important cultural hub for music in one of the UK’s most deprived areas. They are an amazing bunch who are working tirelessly to build links, foster a scene and promote music and the arts in a community where there is very little provision currently. The complex combines a recording studio and a radio station, alongside The Smokehouse venue – a place which bridges that really important gap in venues for live music in Suffolk, between pubs and 100+ capacity venues, i.e. a small but perfectly formed (and purpose-built) place to put on gigs! Also the great new PA system and lighting, as well as a decent bar and friendly engineers all deserve a high-five and a mention ;D

Last Friday, 1st March 2019, was the inaugural Smokehouse Presents gig, an event curated by the team themselves rather than as the usual venue hire-out. I was really pleased to be asked to support the brilliant Sink Ya Teeth and to share a bill with the ever-lovely Sorrdes.

Stuart Gilson just kindly sent me a few pics of my set on the night, so I thought I’d post em up here 🙂

Innalog? Modulog? A log with a modular synth in it!
Innalog? Modulog?
Loula Yorke live at The Smokehouse Presents
Loula Yorke at The Smokehouse Presents
Loula Yorke live at The Smokehouse Presents
Loula Yorke at The Smokehouse Presents
Eyes closed, headphones on, tinted pink ... Loula Yorke live at The Smokehouse Presents
Lost in the moment 😉 Loula Yorke at The Smokehouse Presents
Loula Yorke live at The Smokehouse Presents
Loula Yorke at The Smokehouse Presents