Dave Stitch and I collaborated as TR-33N on our first live modular piece using a voltage-controlled laser for SonitusLIVE on 16 July. The waves that you are seeing are the waves that you are hearing! They are primarily created from the interplay on the X-Y axis between the CV output of two modular instruments ā€“ the Frequency Central Waverider and the Haible Living VCO.

Livestreams for Noise Quest, TOPH and Further_In

Since lockdown I’ve performed three filmed livesets for some of the finest UK experimental livestreams. My set-up has evolved a lot over these weeks, as I’ve been experimenting with including pre-prepared video alongside multiple camera feeds

On April 9th, 2020 I cooked up some sounds live in my kitchen for Graham Dunning’s Noise Quest .


On 29th May 2020, I submitted a 20-minute pre-recorded live document called ‘What I Do In The Shadows’ to The Old Police House’s Housebound. This one isn’t archived but you can watch their awesome Twitch channel using that link. I’m considering posting the film somewhere so people can watch as it was the result of many days’ work film-making!

On 19th June 2020 I performed live for Broken20’s Further_InĀ  (CW: Racism)


Sonitus LIVE!

In Spring 2020, in response to C-19, Sonitus moved online to provide a fortnightly YouTube livestream performance opportunity to people working with handmade, hardware and hybrid electronics.

Our end goals are to build a platform with an engaged audience that supports paying all contributing artists a fee, and to be actively reaching out to performers from under-represented backgrounds to make sure performance opportunities aren’t just benefitting one group of people. At present, we don’t have much to offer beyond a stream key šŸ˜ƒ so we’re concentrating on Phase 1 ā€“ delving into our list of contacts to establish the platform and build an audience. So, thanks for watching! And to those we’ve asked to play so far, thanks for being involved.

Incredible bunch of sets during our couple of months from the likes of UKAEA, Stormfield, AJA, Jen Kutler, Gleeetch, Mariam Rezaei, Me Lost Me and Paula Anne Maddox.

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[null+void] LIVE

I’m super excited to have been invited to play a [null+void] LIVE event in Dalston on 20 March 2020. [null+void] is a record label and club night run by the inimitable Kirsti that only goes from strength to strength. And the LIVE editions are just that: focusing on artists pusing the boundaries and bringing a live element to their sets. The line-up for 20 March is a cracker! Headlining are Welsh Futurists, Petwo Evans: sound system-primed, innovative club tracks making use of found percussion objects and consumer DJ equipment ā€“ which I am really hyped about getting my ears round tbh. As well as sets from Begg, Killig, and Kirsti herself of course! See you at The Glove That Fits.

Resident Advisor listing and tickets here

Threads 01

I’ll be returning to the Rose Hill in Brighton for a live modular set on Thursday 27th February, alongside Matthew from ALM (Busy Circuits) and artist and composer Anthony Elliott. This is the first in a series of gigs from Threads, the amazing people behind Brighton Modular. The events have a visual as well as an aural perspective so expect lots of top notch audio-visual experimentation across the series.

Event page here

New TR-33N liveset for NYE 2019

EDIT: LISTEN HERE to a recording of the live session we put together for the night over on SoundCloud. Like, share, book us for your event šŸ’–

TR-33N are back for Das Booty, baby!

TR-33N is part of a long-term collaborative life experiment between myself and Dave Stitch. Having been away working on solo music projects during 2018 and 2019, TR-33N are BACK for Das Booty NYE! We’re seeing out the decade as part of a fantastic club night that has only gone from strength to strength during 2019. We’ll be descending on their North London warehouse in extravagant style, combining our two monster modular set-ups with as many synths, FX boxes and drum machines as we can cram in the car, to serve up some slamming techno, breaks, acid, and all-round hands-in-the-air goodtimes with serious BANG.

Jš—˜š—„š—¢š— š—˜ š—›š—œš—Ÿš—Ÿ (Super Rhythm Trax / Don’t)
š—œš—§š—¢š—” (Exit)
š—§š—„-šŸÆšŸÆš—” : Live Hardware Set (Yo Sucka)
š—˜š—žš—Øš—Ÿš—” (Six Sunsets / In:Flux Audio)
š—¦š—§š—¢š—„š— š—™š—œš—˜š—Ÿš—— Live Hardware / DJ Set (Combat Recordings)
š—›š—Øš—šš—› š—§š—”š—¬š—Ÿš—¢š—„ (KALLIDA) š˜ƒš˜€ š—•š—˜š—” š——š—„š—˜š—¦š—”š—˜š—„ (Carpe DMs)
š—•š—¢š—¬š—–š—˜š—¬ (Botox Rave Kru / Das Booty)
š—„š—¢š—„š—¬ š— š—¢š—„š—¢š—”š—œš—ž (Das Booty)
š—§š—œš—§š—Øš—¦ & š—©š—”š—”š——š—Ÿš—˜ (Moneyshot / Deja Vu FM)
š—§š—˜š—”š—¦š—¢š—„ (Das Booty / Deja Vu FM)
š—–š—›š—„š—œš—¦š—§š—¢ (You Taste Like the Tropics / Threads)


Last Saturday found me dodging flying skateboards at House of Vans at the CV Freqs modular showcase event. I really enjoyed playing alongside and chatting with some of the most innovative modular musicians and weird-ass instrument builders out there! Excellent brain food and enjoyable noises from somewhere far beyond the edge of reason šŸ¤£ Thanks for having me.

Selected press for LDOLS

LDOLS was included in October’s Best Electronic Releases on Bandcamp. Many thanks to Joe Muggs for the support. Having the release in a feature on the Bandcamp Daily homepage for 2 days was incredible!

Words: Joe Muggs, Bandcamp Daily

LDOLS was included in the Leftfield section of DJ Mag in late August 2019 thanks to AJA and Tristan Bath.

Words: Tristan Bath, DJ Mag

LDOLS was included by Bandcloud in Issue #270 (25-10-2019), thanks to Aidan Hanratty.

Words: Aidan Hanratty, Bandcloud