New TR-33N liveset for NYE 2019

EDIT: LISTEN HERE to a recording of the live session we put together for the night over on SoundCloud. Like, share, book us for your event šŸ’–

TR-33N are back for Das Booty, baby!

TR-33N is part of a long-term collaborative life experiment between myself and Dave Stitch. Having been away working on solo music projects during 2018 and 2019, TR-33N are BACK for Das Booty NYE! We’re seeing out the decade as part of a fantastic club night that has only gone from strength to strength during 2019. We’ll be descending on their North London warehouse in extravagant style, combining our two monster modular set-ups with as many synths, FX boxes and drum machines as we can cram in the car, to serve up some slamming techno, breaks, acid, and all-round hands-in-the-air goodtimes with serious BANG.

Jš—˜š—„š—¢š— š—˜ š—›š—œš—Ÿš—Ÿ (Super Rhythm Trax / Don’t)
š—œš—§š—¢š—” (Exit)
š—§š—„-šŸÆšŸÆš—” : Live Hardware Set (Yo Sucka)
š—˜š—žš—Øš—Ÿš—” (Six Sunsets / In:Flux Audio)
š—¦š—§š—¢š—„š— š—™š—œš—˜š—Ÿš—— Live Hardware / DJ Set (Combat Recordings)
š—›š—Øš—šš—› š—§š—”š—¬š—Ÿš—¢š—„ (KALLIDA) š˜ƒš˜€ š—•š—˜š—” š——š—„š—˜š—¦š—”š—˜š—„ (Carpe DMs)
š—•š—¢š—¬š—–š—˜š—¬ (Botox Rave Kru / Das Booty)
š—„š—¢š—„š—¬ š— š—¢š—„š—¢š—”š—œš—ž (Das Booty)
š—§š—œš—§š—Øš—¦ & š—©š—”š—”š——š—Ÿš—˜ (Moneyshot / Deja Vu FM)
š—§š—˜š—”š—¦š—¢š—„ (Das Booty / Deja Vu FM)
š—–š—›š—„š—œš—¦š—§š—¢ (You Taste Like the Tropics / Threads)