Sonitus LIVE!

In Spring 2020, in response to C-19, Sonitus moved online to provide a fortnightly YouTube livestream performance opportunity to people working with handmade, hardware and hybrid electronics.

Our end goals are to build a platform with an engaged audience that supports paying all contributing artists a fee, and to be actively reaching out to performers from under-represented backgrounds to make sure performance opportunities aren’t just benefitting one group of people. At present, we don’t have much to offer beyond a stream key 😃 so we’re concentrating on Phase 1 – delving into our list of contacts to establish the platform and build an audience. So, thanks for watching! And to those we’ve asked to play so far, thanks for being involved.

Incredible bunch of sets during our couple of months from the likes of UKAEA, Stormfield, AJA, Jen Kutler, Gleeetch, Mariam Rezaei, Me Lost Me and Paula Anne Maddox.

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