Crowd Control Vol 2 up for pre-order now

Crowd Control Vol 2 is the studio accompaniment to my recent live album on the Tigerforce Records imprint. Spoken word, noise, beats and synths are blended with field recordings of crowded spaces to create a hustling, bustling meditation on human contact.

The 4-track EP opens with the pacy, wonky noise pop of Rush Hour. Spoken words are frozen in time to resemble sung notes; a saccharine synth line is tempered by the sounds of subway platforms and unsettling lyrics floating by on the ether. Eat Out To Help Out is all percussive, glassy, resonance paired with rumbling sub frequencies; playing with freezing and pitch shifting the familiar ‘tink’ of cutlery hitting crockery in a busy café. Our Streets fizzes with tight sizzles and big kicks; frequency modulation and granular processing come together to evoke something alien and futuristic, while anti-roads protestors chant in the streets. The final track on the EP is High Streets, a solid swirl of 1980s Roland synth sounds punctuated by the rhythm of my voice caught in repetition, cut through with snatches of shoppers’ conversation and the shuffle and bustle of moving feet.

Release date: 4 December 2020