‘The Chill Out Room’ BBC commission

I was asked to contribute a soundscape for BBC Soundscapes for Wellbeing, a collaborative project that aims to connect audiences with nature through creative programming via BBC Radio 3, 6 Music, BBC Sounds and BBC Two’s Winterwatch. Read more on Crack Magazine here.

This composition was constructed using a mixture of field recordings and electronically generated sounds found in the BBC archives. The piece is influenced by chill out spaces at 90s raves, and ambient soundtracks of the period such as Philip Glass’s work on Baraka, and the KLF’s Chill Out. The overall effect is to create a more active listening experience; the juxtaposition of the materials inviting more questions for the listener than those found within a classic New Age relaxation tape, where the listener is a passive consumer of relaxation.

The piece comprises around 30 sounds unearthed from within the BBC archive’s 33,000 recordings, including: sine waves, warble tones, marine life, birds, forests, weather events, as well as human activity, playtime, ritual and ceremony. With thanks to musicians from the Wamba Wamba Nation of Australia (recording of solo metal gong), and worshippers at the Nichiren Shoshu temple in the UK (recording of evening prayers).

Many thanks to The New BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Matthew Herbert and The Oram Awards.

LISTEN HERE until the end of Feb 2021: https://canvas-story.bbcrewind.co.uk/soundscapesforwellbeing/