OULAN live at the Sonic Arts Research Centre

Una Lee and myself played a lunchtime concert in Belfast on 24 Feb 2022, which was livestreamed. Our 50-minute improvisatory performance is up on the SARC YouTube channel now.

Texts used in this performance include excerpts from Água Viva by Clarice Lispector, A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems by Raymond Queneau and The Glass menagerie by Tennesse Williams.

OULAN combines the sonic forces of Loula Yorke (electronics) and Una Lee (vocals), co-recipients of the Oram Award 2020. This exciting collaboration inspires the two artists to bring their best elements to the improvisational table: Lee’s sublime vocal work navigates in real-time through her diverse musical languages, arriving in an eerie envelopment of Yorke’s ephemeral, aleatoric electronics, producing a dynamic, colourful yet intimate soundscape.