INPUT:OUTPUT with Chisato Minamimura

Really stoked to have been chosen by Deaf performance artist Chisato Minamimura to collaborate with her on a short piece which we’ll making during her Snape Residency next week. We’ll be looking at how to visualise soundscapes for a Deaf audience using visual vernacular and film!

INPUT:OUTPUT is a performance experiment that looks at ways to make music a more inclusive experience. Chisato’s collaborative, deaf-led approach challenges assumptions about who can create soundscapes and what musical performances may look, sound, or feel like from a deaf perspective.

The finished 10-minute piece will be presented as a film for Festival of New at Snape Maltings, Suffolk, on 10 September 2022, alongside a talk by Jennifer Lucy Allan about visualising sound, and a presentation by Chisato of some her own previous work.

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Chisato Minamimura during a performance