New Album – Florescence – reviews!

Loula Yorke Florescence (Tigerforce)

I love when something like this turns up in my inbox. Until now, I wasn’t familiar with Loula Yorke’s work, but Florescence is an expansive exploration of synthetic shapes and changing landforms. Pulled together from a series of improvisations done in the first half of 2022, Yorke stitches together looping arpeggios and synth sequences into emotive reflections of a changing world. Crystalline tonescapes bounce around at shifting tempos and use pointed timbres to escape into the tiniest slivers. Yorke pairs vocal incantations with twisting, rhythmic glorp to create ethereal alien soundscapes, melting them straight into saturated cosmic specters. The sequencing on Florescence is fantastic, adding a chronological narrative feel throughout, as though we’re seeing this new world for the first time. Lovely stuff.” The Capsule Garden Vol 1.35 – Foxy Digitalis