BOK BOK (Animal, Vegetable, Mineral)

I had lots of fun making this sound piece with a group of 8-11 year olds in Saxmundham! We looked at objects from a curiosity cabinet and reimagined them as instruments.

‘BOK BOK’ is installed at ‘Animal Vegetable, Mineral’ at Art Station, Saxmundham, running 2 Dec 2022 – 29 Jan 2023.

About the exhibition – “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral’ is a community exhibition, showing work and objects from artists working both locally and further afield, as well as pieces produced during recent workshops with local groups in Saxmundham. Curated by artists Annabel Dover and Karen Densham, the show is inspired by the 1952 game show Animal, Vegetable, Mineral where a panel of experts were asked to describe and classify an artefact of unknown origin. These artefacts were sometimes fake, sometimes modern and sometimes with an unknown origin.”