Hard-Drinking Party Girl

Hard-Drinking Party Girl is a bank of long-form samples featuring the voices of women appearing on television under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or cultivating a loud and unpredictable aura under the lights. The title is a nod to the reductive cinematic trope of the same name.

Due to the nature of my playing style and the machine I use to integrate sampled material into my sets, I can never be sure which Hard-Drinking Party Girl will appear or what she’s going to come out with. As I listen to her speak, I wonder: could Hard-Drinking Party Girl exist without the male gaze? Is she her own worst enemy or deliberately misunderstood? Who is in control of her narrative?

Hard-Drinking Party Girl appeared sporadically during live improvisations between 2017 and 2019. Extracts were committed to tape, most notably on Untitled #004.