OULAN is Una Lee and Loula Yorke: an improvised sonic collage of live poetry and electronic processes.

We became aware of one another’s work as co-recipients of the Oram Awards in 2020, but only met for the first time in person in July 2021 for an R&D day at the Shoe Factory community artspace in Norwich.

Set up in a physically distanced manner, we performed and recorded reams of improvised material. As Una’s intimate voice was being processed within and accompanied by my aleatoric electronic sounds, an easy and graceful collaboration emerged: rising, falling, twisting, floating, looping, soaring, thumping, grounding. Listen to our live sampler on Soundcloud here.

Live dates for OULAN in early 2022:

8 Feb Colchester Arts Centre

14 Feb Cafe Oto, London

24 Feb, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast.

OULAN R&D, Shoe Factory Social Club, Norwich, July 2021