In response to lockdown, I co-developed and curated a new fortnightly livestreaming night hosted on YouTube and Twitch focused on experimental electronics, ‘SonitusLIVE’.

One of the key pieces of work to come of it has been a bespoke Livestreaming guide that I co-created for artists. It outlines the simplest way to livestream for those who don’t have a webcam or video capture equipment.

At present we are self-funded. We keep an eye on the  gender parity in our line-ups and our aim is to encourage artists who are new to streaming to get involved. We’ll be running until end of September at which time we’ll be taking a break to apply for funding to continue. It’s important to our model to be able to pay artists. This ensures we’re not only attracting those who can afford to participate for free, but most importantly that audiences benefit from seeing the best talent!

Watch our incredible playlist of livesets on YouTube featuring the likes of UKAEA (whose set was later released as an EP, as mentioned in The Quietus), AJA, Natalia Beylis, Stormfield, Gleeetch, Cutler+Dunning and Mariam Reziae. View counts are a bit all over the place as some sets went out live on Twitch only and were uploaded to YouTube later.

If you’re interested in playing future editions, contact Follow SonitusLIVE on Facebook to be notified of upcoming events

September 2020: To celebrate the end of our 11-episode run, I’ve put together a celebratory radio show for showcasing excerpts from some of the incredible live sessions we’ve been honoured to feature so far. Listen!