What I Do In The Shadows

In this piece, What I Do In The Shadows, the left-hand window documents a 20-minute timed improvisation, and the right-hand window shows a film created from projections and body movement.

During lockdown gardening became my daily focus. I became enamoured with intensely dramatic and alluring umbrae and penumbrae created by strong sunlight hitting different varieties of plants – so much so that I started to document them, creating black and white collages using snippets of film recorded on my phone. These morphed into visuals for my improvised, disjointed sound performances using hardware electronics. The livestream window became a new canvas, with its own punishing limitations. It felt vital to create a physical connection with this new digital dimension: I projected my film collages onto the inside of a real-world glass window at the studios in Butley Creek, casting shadows against it using my body plus household and domestic objects, signifying ‘home’ (thinking about Martha Rosler’s The Semiotics of the Kitchen): our lives on pause, turned inwards, keeping to the shadows, devoted to the small stuff.

The piece was made in May 2020 for the TOPH Housebound livestream series. Broadcast on Twitch on 29 May 2020.