Sound City Ipswich

⚡FRIDAY 2 OCTOBER⚡ The Smokehouse have invited me in to livestream my new work ‘Crowd Control Vol 1’ from their amazing new filming set-up for Sound City Ipswich 2020 alongside some of the most exciting talent in our fine region.⚡ The set-up includes performance and voltage-controlled laser show – I’m really excited about having more opportunities to share it with audiences in the absence of any of us getting together in a room to listen to live music any time soon 😢
A live recording of ‘Crowd Control Vol 1’ including out-takes and extras will be released on Bandcamp after the showing at TUSK Virtual on 10 October 2020 via new label Tigerforce Records 🐆
Link for pre-orders coming soon!

Prepping for the stream the night before