Anthropocene Chimera

This is a 25-minute edit of a 2-hour long piece that came into being as part of a collaboration with sculptor Ed Murray.

Anthropocene Chimera was originally separate tracks – unsynced, set at different volumes – playing on speakers concealed within the bodies of different sculptures, inviting the audience to lean in and lend an ear to determine what sound was coming from where. This new version mixes all the tracks together. Shifting dynamics and pans lend emphasis to different aspects at different points in time, mimicking a walk around the gallery.

The Anthropocene Chimera Series were shown as part of ‘Interact’ at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art, 19 March 2019.

“Sculptor Ed Murray has collaborated with Suffolk-based sound artist Loula Yorke to create an army of sonic sculptures – a mixture of small and bigger pieces that display elements of post-apocalyptic times, technological impacts and artificial intelligence. These strange three-legged creatures sing to each other across the gallery space, simultaneously giving voice to the brilliance and despair of our tech age. Yorke produced the music that emanates from within the bodies of the sculptures, acting both as a wider landscape for the creatures to exist in, as well as an incarnation of their nascent attempts at expression and communication with one another.”


from Anthropocene Chimera, released April 3, 2019
Music: Loula Yorke
Cover art: ‘Q-glyph from Xenoling Font’ by Dave Stitch

license: all rights reserved