Atari Punk Girls

Female-led DIY, lof-fi synth-building and composition sessions. Learn the basics, put together gnarly light-reactive noise machines, and perform live with your brand new creation

Atari Punk Girls: SPILL Commission 2021

Atari Punk Girls was a process-led sonic arts performance project harnessing the enabling ethic of punk and the power of noise in the service of technofeminism! The aim was create a space for girls and enbys in resistance to the patriarchy, where they could hang out and experiment with sonic arts. The project culminated in a 30-minute live audio-visual show, co-composed/performed with a group of young people, which was workshopped over 6 sessions and performed as part of SPILL Festival of Performance 2021. Combining movement, spoken word, electronic processing, noise, drone and techno, as well as lasers and a lighting rig, we created an audacious live show in a crumbling disused church building – channeling the spirit of the warehouse rave and celebrating young feminist and queer energies.

SPILL Commission 2021 R&D work at Think Tank, Ipswich

Some of our 2021 R&D work has been presented as a bespoke Virtual Reality spatial sound piece. You can view ‘Garden of Bloop’ on Mozilla Hubs here using either a screen-device or a VR headset.

Early iteration of the project for Eastern Ear @ Shoe Factory, Norwich, 2019

In its early iterations, Atari Punk Girls used printed circuit boards and teaching materials developed by Nina Richards and the Yorkshire Sound Women Network. Thank you for inspiring the OG APG!

Since 2018 APG is grateful to have been supported by: Norfolk County Council, British Science Week, Brighton Modular Festival, Thonk, CLIP, BLOC:Arts, Eastern Ear, SPILL Festival, and Arts Council England.