Emily Davison vs The Tigerforce

In 2010 I formed a band together with Dave Stitch. The rule was hardware livesets only.  My instruments of choice at that time were an ESX-1 and a x0xb0x. Our first gig was at Molly Malone’s in Colchester, supporting then-hot new things Dingus Khan. I was three months pregnant and had morning sickness the whole way through. Fast-forward seven and a half months to a silent disco gig we played in support of Koppe and The Gasman on the Battersea Barge where I was literally breastfeeding a very pissed off 6-week-old baby in a sling at the same time as playing a live set. Radical. 😆

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We wrote lots of material at 105bpm. We played a few gigs. We made some tapes. We recorded an hour-long feature for N16 stalwarts iLLfm.net, which is likely still archived somewhere on their server. There were probably other things. My main memory is that, although much-loved, the name was too long to get onto flyers so …. we had to die and be born again.