TR-33N is part of a long-term collaborative life experiment between Loula Yorke and Dave Stitch. We’ve had releases on Detroit labels YoSucka! and Junted, as well as self-releasing two albums. We are inspired by UK underground dance culture and Buchla’s ‘West Coast’ style of sound synthesis.

JUNTED 001 (2017, Detroit)

STENO ANIMALS EP YOSUCKA! (2016, Detroit)…-animals-vol-1

In 2017 we self-released a collection of live recordings in a mixtape format The Menace of Mechanical Music 

In 2015 and 2016 we were lucky enough to play live at Glastonbury Festival as part of the art installations programmed by the Shangri La field.

In 2015 we self-released a 10-track album ‘Tigerforce 10’ consisting of two sides with very different aesthetics – Light and Dark – both drawing on the sounds of footwork and jungle. Listen to the dark side on Spotify

We specialise in taking our set-up out to forbidding locations to entertain the hardcore. Find out what we’ve been up to lately by following us on Instagram here